PDGN software

2016-in progress

Together with designers E2.org, a computer application is in development that automates the ‘distortion’ of English, leading to an evolved link language such as the one that can be heard in the video PDGN.

In a process of so-called supervised learning, the software applies distorting factors to transcribed sentences of non-native spoken English, and proposes new versions of the sentence. The user can accept or reject the versions, thus allowing the software to learn and captures information about desired styles or levels of comprehensibility.

In the first presentation of the project, lines of the original script for PDGN were processed. The software applied a syntactic or lexical ‘distortion’ to the given line. The resulting outputs were projected on a wall.

PDGN software

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2016- in progress, installation at BAK, Utrecht, photograph by Tom Janssen

BAK, Utrecht