New Latin

live performance (50 minutes)
single channel video (30 minutes and 23 seconds)

For this piece, linguists, artists, politicians, language teachers and NGO workers in Romania were interviewed about the way the English language has influenced their particular field. From the transcribed conversations a script was formed for a discussion between a curator and an artist, subsequently performed by actor Daniel Popa, a native Romanian speaker, and Nicoline van Harskamp, a non-Romanian speaker. Because the English script was to be performed in Romanian, van Harskamp memorized her text line by line. On the opening night of the 4th Bucharest Biennial, New Latin was performed for a mixed-language audience. Recordings of the live event were subtitled in English and now make up a video work with the same title.

New Latin

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2010, live performance, production photograph by the Bucharest Biennial

Bucharest Biennial
Silent University at Tate Modern
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
NOA Language School, Amsterdam
Yapi Kredi Cultural Centre, Istanbul
Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto