MOOC Project

This is a digital art project that takes the form of so-called Massive Open Online Course. Its subject is the variety of non-standard Englishes used as a medium of art works, to contextualise and interpret art works, or to instruct artists in educational settings. Its aim is to emancipate art makers, art audiences, and an as wide as possible public, from having to measure their language along a native-like standard in the international realm. This way, they develop a richer, more creative and more inclusive international language. English becomes a kind of artistic medium that can be shaped and reinvented according to the (artistic) needs of its user.

English as a Medium MOOC is an art project as well as an actual, practical tool for aquiring and developing knowledge. It raises historical and theoretical awareness and helps develop practical skills when dealing with existing varieties, as well as when creating new varieties. At the same time, as a production within an long standing art practice that complexifies all notions of the spoken word, it mixes actual facts, exaggerated facts and pure fiction.

Realised in cooperation with the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and with a financial contribution from the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

Expected launch: November 2018