Englishes exhibitions


Englishes is the overall title of project about the modification of the English language by its non-native speakers.

The series currently consists of 9 individual works, each researched and produced in collaboration with an art institutions and/or university, and each broaching a particular area of linguistics such as phonology, pragmatics and translation.

Englishes aims to depict the development of the plurality of spoken English that displaces the perceived position of primacy occupied by dominant strains of the language. It proposes a dissolution of English into Englishes, co-opting it as a common and ever-growing linguistic resource.

The works have been presented individually or an connection with others in various presentations since 2014. A first overview of “Englishes” was presented in an exhibition with the same title at BAK, Utrecht in 2016 and at the C3A in Cordoba, Spain.


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installation at BAK, Utrecht, 
photograph by Tom Janssen

Basis Aktuele Kunst, Utrecht
Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía