English Forecast

live performance and single channel video (38 minutes)

In preparation of this online commission, conversations were recorded with English speakers of all levels of proficiency and expertise, about their expectations for the future of
the English language. From the recordings, an audio montage was composed, divided over 4 tracks for the actors Ariane Barnes, Walles Hamonde, Sakuntala Ramanee and Chris Rochester. In the live performance they expressed a diversity of opinions as a single voice, as varieties of English varied sentence by sentence. After each chapter in the text, they paused and repeated words and phonemes and invited the audience to say them out loud. The performance was streamed from the Performance Room in Tate Modern to live audiences around the world. It was subtitled in International Phonetic Alphabet.

English Forecast

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production photograph by Ana Escobar voor Tate Photography

Tate Modern
BMW Tate Live: Performance Room promo
Tapies Foundation, Barcelona
Frac Lorraine, France
Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Førde
Museo Arte Contemporánea, Vigo