Any other Business

2009 live performance (360 minutes)
2011 single- or multi-channel video work (up to 120 minutes)

Any other Business was a 6 hour performance piece structured as an ordinary conference and set in a commercial convention centre. Each of the items on the conference program was scripted and staged live by actors, who appeared both on stage and in the audience. The script for Any other Business was based on recordings of public debates and speeches, ranging from community meetings to the farewell adresses of US presidents. In each, the speakers struggle to suppress their urge to walk away or to start a physical fight.

A video work with the same title was made from prerecordings and live recordings of the conference.

An overview of the conference program and video scenes can be downloaded here.

Any other Business

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2009-11, Installation view Newtopia, Mechelen, photograph by Kristof Vranken

Performa 11, New York
Stedelijk Museum Buro Amsterdam
Centro Pecci, Prato
Newtopia, Mechelen
Spinozamanifestatie, Amsterdam